Wichita’s #1 Easter Day Catering Service

For over 40+ years, we have been delivering beautiful and delicious Eater catering
services to Wichita and the surrounding metro cities.

Easter Catering

The Olive Tree has everything you need for an Easter celebration or dinner.

We cater ready-to-serve turkeys and hams, full turkey dinners, and holiday baked goods – all made from scratch. At the Olive Tree, we provide restaurant-quality gourmet food. 

Pre-order your food for your Easter event today; we can accommodate parties of any size.

Catered Turkey Dinners
Easter Brunch
Freshly Baked Favorites

Let Us Do The Cooking & Meal Preparation For Your Easter Celebration

Catering Easter Parties

Enjoy your Easter event catering with traditional restaurant-quality food and all of the fixings. Order your meal to go for your safety and convenience. Pickup & delivery are available.

Turkeys & Hams

We have ready-to-cook turkeys, seasoned and in the pan so all you need to do is pop the turkey in your own oven. We can roast, and slice the turkey, and we even have ham

Catered Turkey Dinner

We take the stress away by providing ready-to-serve turkey dinners for you to enjoy at home. We also have a full menu of freshly baked goods from our bakery

Catered Holiday Meals

We can bring a fresh, homemade meal directly to your home or office, so you can entertain guests with a full turkey meal with all of the fixings. 

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