Planning a Wedding Corporate Event Celebration ?

Planning a Wedding Corporate Event Celebration ?

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Celebrating by sharing a meal is our most communal and binding tradition, as the smell of food is so powerful that it can bring old memories and events to mind. We believe that our most valuable possession are memories of special moments, and If we do not celebrate special moments, they can pass us by. Our goal is to provide the highest standard of customer service for any catering service you may require for your event in Wichita, Kansas.


Sensational Cuisine, Inspiring Ideas, and Genuine Hospitality

Chef Owned, Chef Driven – Since 1979

“Antoine brought world-class dining standards to Wichita. I mean he set the standard. He has made a real difference in this community.”

Former Wichita Mayor Bob Knight


“Many people say The Olive Tree forever changed the face of Wichita.”

Wichita Business Journal


“Many of today’s local chefs and restaurant owners got their start by working in in the Toubia family’s food operations.”